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business system


Monitor your production activities easily and systematically. Our basic template of flow processing is ready to be connected with your barcode scanners or any existing softwares of your preference.


Get your Skybase connected to your bank account. Tracking your income, expenses, balances and even reconciling your transactions would be much easier with one, automated platform.


Work easier with your team and manage your end-to-end recruitment processes, employee administrations, payrolls, appraisals and more with one, integrated cloud system anytime, anywhere.


Connect with all marketing tools you need! With integration to Google Analytics and popular social medias, getting insights of your posts and doing data analytics have never been easier.


Whether you're a small or a large team, Skybase is ready to help you connect all your departments. Grow bigger conveniently and effectively with us. One solid software for all team.

your own

Have your own existing manual workflows? Skybase is ready to digitalize your business processes. Working would be so much easier and effective without manual tables or even papers!

Build a full tailor made Work OS for your team with Skybase, wtihin weeks. Skybase is ready to help your organization grow in a more effective and productive way. Start your journey with us!

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Business Rules


Your business uniquely belongs to you. While considering best practices, it should work according to your rules. Your business systems should also be tailored to follow your rules and processes.

Starting from a base template, designed to follow common practices, Skybase is customizable to match your company's business cases. Data structures, actions, reports, and more will be adjusted according to your team's preference.

System Development


Custom software development often does take a lot of time, especially when it needs to accommodate a lot of business requirements. As your business strategize or expand, your requirement may change. It would definitely take some time for your business system to follow.

With Skybase's solid software framework, we can help your team to adjust your business processes with agility. Spend more time on your business and worry less on your technology.

Responsive Display Business System Mockup
Layout Design


How often do you have a laptop with you? Why do you think smart phones are invented? You and your team should have an easy access to your business systems anywhere at anytime; just like how you have access to your social media.

Skybase implements Material design system by Google that is optimized for responsive layout. You and your team will be able to access the system from your mobile phone and tablet with optimal user experience that you had when using your laptop or desktop PC.

Business Processes


The purpose of having a business system is to simplify your business processes. Your team's work should be easier and faster. When a system makes your work complicated, it is simply not a good one.

By using custom action dialogs, Skybase could guide you step-by-step to complete a unique tasks. A built in validations and access controls also prevents you and your team from making mistakes. Let's cut down those training times!

Company Size


Want to start small and grow bigger? Don't forget to involve technology early in your business. Business management systems are not always big and expensive; it could grow together with your business.

Skybase is designed to cater businesses with various sizes. When your business expands and your requirements grow, Skybase is ready to accommodate you and your team's needs. Picture your organization functions being interconnected systematically.

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Third Party Systems


There are many good systems and apps in the market that can be irreplacable for your business management. Maybe your business is using social media, CRM system, or an existing custom software of your own. Some of these systems are used specificly for a separate business function and may need to communicate to one another for data exchange.

Via HTTP-based RESTful APIs, Skybase are able to communicate with any systems that uses this highly common method. You and your team won't waste anymore time inputing data to different systems.


We work with Google Cloud Platform to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information. Furthermore, we aim for a low network latency by choosing a strategic data center for you.

hardware integration

Barcode Scanners

All barcode scanners with human interface device or HID mode are compatible with Skybase for both 1D and 2D barcode scanning technology.

Fingerprint Scanners

Skybase is exclusively integrated to the DigitalPersona 4500 for fingerprint biometric identification commonly used for employee attendance.

Dot Matrix Printers

Common dot matrix printers are compatible with Skybase via PDF that is optimized for dot matrix printing.

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